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    Prostate Cancer, an Successful way to Deal with it Naturally

    There is no mystery about the trigger of Prostate Cancer, it has quite a few factors and they are nicely recognized. Our remedies at this time days in no way deal with the factors why it very first grew but as an alternative only concentrate on get rid of the growths themselves, which is normally of small support. Dealing with it naturally implies acquiring the factors why it grew and removing them which is a far alot more Successful way than just removing growths.

    Prostate Cancer like all cancers are self triggered and it really is far alot more valuable to search for these reasons and take away them alternatively of just treating it. This strategy will then boost the physique to support in removing the cancer naturally. The far more you decide to get involved and be proactive about your overall health the higher a distinction you can make to the Efficient outcome of the illness.

    Prostate Cancer does not have one trigger, it has a variety of reasons. Motives that contribute to it are; a diet plan high in saturated fats which is mainly discovered in red meat, high fat dairy goods and carcinogenic substances in our processed meals, nutrition deficiencies due to the fact of our incorrect meals selections, our sedentary way of life which is our lack of physical exercise and toxins we use each day in the type of chemical substances.

    A massive contributing factor to Prostate Cancer is the consumption of processed meat or pressed meats which include the meals additives sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. Those two meals additives are also contained in hotdogs, sausages, hamburgers and ham. It really is legally applied to cease bacteria forming so to extend the items shelf life. A different result in is diets low in fruit and vegetables, quite a few of which include cancer fighting properties.

    Our treatment options at this time focus only on symptoms which is the growths themselves and that does not basically do a lot to enable a patient regain the level of well being valuable to retain the cancer from returning. There is no query that treating Prostate Cancer naturally is far significantly more Successful since natural strategies deal with the motives that initial brought on it to grow and when you do that the physique will self heal via the immune method.

    The majority of this kind of cancer is slow expanding and will seldom pose a threat to a persons wellness, particularly if that individual is elderly. Screening for the illness has turn out to be controversial in current years, in particular with the PSA test which can be extremely irregular. Physicians have expressed concern that massive numbers of men are becoming subjected to serious side effects which are incontinence and impotence.

    There are a variety of modifications one can make to aid overcome Prostate Cancer and some basic dietary alterations are a awesome commence. For instance tomatoes have been described as a prostates perfect buddy simply because of the lycopene they include and its prevalent information that each tomatoes and broccoli when eaten collectively can considerably increase the survival rate of somebody. Also improve your consumption of omega three fatty acids which are identified in flax seed oil, alot more virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocados.

    Mainly because its slow increasing, there is no have to have to panic and that will give you time to understand a tiny and select your remedies. Treating cancer naturally will not operate devoid of a proper anti-cancer diet regime. There are several vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and so forth. that basically include nutrients that kill cancer cells and stopping it from spreading. There is no mystery about Prostate Cancer, if you have to have to live zero cost of the illness you will need to make modifications and eat fresh meals, which is meals in its natural state, eat in moderation and take sufficient exercising. Treating it naturally is far alot more Reliable whether or not the cancer has metastasized or not.

    Alan Wighton is an skilled natural therapist specializing in nutrition. He has researched all Factors of cancer for various years and has been educating folks on how our diet plan is closely associated to the illness. For additional expertise on additional Useful approaches to overcome cancer making use of the Efficient natural healing capacity of the immune method which keeps us healthful; please pay a visit to; healingnaturally

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    Prostate Cancer A Preventable Illness

    Prostate Cancer is a slow-increasing cancer of male reproductive technique. It largely impacts males in their late 40s upwards. Symptoms consist of discomfort throughout urination and/or intercourse and erectile dysfunction. In a lot of instances it tends to metastasize (cells break off and spread to other comparable tissues of the physique) specifically the bones and lymphatic technique.

    Sadly, Prostate Cancer may well go undetected due to the slow-development and symptom-cost-free nature of the Illness as a lot of males would not know they are suffering from it. Also considering that Prostate Cancer impacts older guys, lots of males by then die of other causes such as cardiovascular Illness, hypertension or old age.

    The cancer is commonly detected through the physical symptoms of discomfort and pain, biopsies immediately after physical examinations or through PSA testing (Prostate Specific Antigen).

    PSA is a protein developed by the prostate gland in minute quantities in standard guys. It is made in order to liquify the semen and let the sperms to swim readily. Excess presence of it can indicate a Prostate Cancer or prostate-similar disorder. The PSA can be measured by a blood test but the effectiveness of this detection technique is nevertheless beneath query as the test is not regarded as precise adequate at present.

    Cause, Therapy and Prevention

    Genetics appears to play an essential function. Guys who have a relative suffering from Prostate Cancer are twice as most likely to suffer from the Illness. It is also a lot more common in African guys and the death prices are greater.

    Age is yet another element due to the fact the Illness impacts guys in their late 40s and 50s. Younger men are unlikely to be impacted by Prostate Cancer.

    Diet program containing Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Selenium and Lycopene (present in tomatoes) may perhaps enable prevent Prostate Cancer. Interestingly, guys on Vegetarian Diet program have been shown to have a reduced threat of increasing prostate equivalent issues. Guys who consume way more green leafy vegetables are regarded to be at reduce danger of increasing the Illness. Consumption of hydrogenated fats and higher blood cholesterol levels also increases the danger.

    Enhanced intake of multivitamins (exceeding the each day encouraged dose in pill kind) has been linked to Enhanced danger along with higher intake of alcohol. Males who are obese are also at a greater threat than guys who are of typical weight.

    Frequency of Ejaculation is also linked to a decreased danger of Prostate Cancer. Research show that guys who ejaculated 5 occasions a week had been less prone to increasing Prostate Cancer later in life. The emphasis is on ejaculation and does not necessarily include actual intercourse.

    Standard Physical exercise is deemed very important and may well decrease the threat as it aids keep a healthful circulatory technique.

    Prostate Cancer is very treatable if detected in early stages. Guys who are in their 40s should really have typical health-related verify-ups to increase the possibilities of early detection. Living a balanced and healthful life style might reduce your dangers of growing this Illness.

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    The Completely different Solutions for Breast Cancer Remedy

    Breast Cancer is a harrowing believed for any one, even these who do not presently endure from the illness. In 2012 alone, the American Cancer Society predicts there will be about 226,000 new instances of Breast Cancer and that almost 40,000 individuals will shed their lives to this illness. Following skin cancer, it is the second most frequent cancer amongst ladies in the USA and each and every lady has about a 1 in eight opportunity of creating Breast Cancer at some point in her life. >

    Mainly because of this higher incidence of Breast Cancer, it is extremely vital that ladies are conscious of the dangers and verify themselves often for any abnormal lumps or bumps. It is not only females who are susceptible even though guys can as well get Breast Cancer also. In truth, about 1 in just about every 300 situations of Breast Cancer happens in a male.

    Breast Cancer Remedy has enhanced hugely in the previous handful of decades and Today the possibilities of recovering from Breast Cancer are superior than ever. An enhance in public awareness is too a big issue in this boost in survivors, as the earlier the cancer is caught, the a great deal more likelihood there is of surviving. There are presently over 2.five million girls in the USA who have survived Breast Cancer, which is testament to the reality that it can be cured.

    There are a quantity of Solutions open to medical doctors and other healthcare professionals when it comes to Breast Cancer Therapy. Just about every individual is Various and the kind of Breast Cancer Therapy that is appropriate for 1 particular person may well be fully incorrect for yet another individual even though. Physicians will be in a position to choose on the perfect action for you if you are suffering from Breast Cancer, and they are most likely to use one particular or much more of the Soon after Choices for Breast Cancer Remedy- Surgery

    Surgery is surely one particular of the Choices a doctor will give consideration to when seeking at the leading Breast Cancer Therapy for you. In reality, it is in most cases the initially tactic implemented for most sufferers. Most surgery comes in the type of a mastectomy, whereby the breast tissue is removed, along with the cancerous tissue. This isnt as destructive to the breasts as it applied to be, but a wide range of individuals opt for breast reconstruction Soon after they have beaten their cancer.

    The other main surgical process on a regular basis carried out as a Breast Cancer Therapy is a lumpectomy, and this entails removing substantially much less breast tissue and merely targeting the cancerous tumor. Lymph node removal is as well often performed, and this is where the lymph node is removed is the cancer has spread away from the milk duct. Radiotherapy

    Radiotherapy is a Breast Cancer Therapy that functions by targeting radiation towards the region of the breast impacted by the cancer. This radiation then kills some, if not all, of the cancer cells in the region. It is most in most cases put to use Immediately after surgery has been performed even though. This is For the reason that the surgeon cannot generally be one hundred% sure that they have removed all of the cancer, so treating the location with radiotherapy removes any cancerous cells that have been missed.

    Radiotherapy is clinically verified to be a significant tool in the fight against Breast Cancer. In truth, females not taking radiotherapy Immediately after surgery have a 60% high threat of receiving Breast Cancer again later in life. It is as well a myth that radiation Treatment produces horrible side-effects. Even though there are regularly some side-effects, they are not as drastic as people today make out and it may be that persons are confusing radiotherapy with chemotherapy, which has a lot worse side-effects. Chemotherapy

    Even though the side-effects of chemotherapy are not pleasant, it is nevertheless frequently an integral Breast Cancer Remedy solution. It is the procedure of using medicines to destroy, or at least weaken, cancer cells in the physique like cancer cells that might possibly have currently spread away from the breast.

    Chemotherapy is on a regular basis utilised Immediately after surgery to make sure that all of the cancerous cells are gone, considerably like radiotherapy. It can too be offered prior to surgery, so that the cancer shrinks and is as a result less difficult to remove. Its other application is when the Breast Cancer is at an sophisticated stage and the cells want to be vigorously attacked.

    There are, of course, other strategies put to use as Breast Cancer Therapy, like hormonal Treatment and targeted treatments, but the ones listed above are the most typical and frequently employed. Any effective doctor will be in a position to deliver alot more material on the forms of Breast Cancer Therapy.

    About the Author

    Cancer Therapy At this time is devoted to creating accessible brief overviews of new cancer remedies, promising techniques and study in oncology offered to the public. Cancer Remedy Currently is supported by professionals in the fields of Cancer Medicine and Cancer Remedy.

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    Understanding Lung Cancer | Cancer Society of Ghana

    Lung Cancer starts in our lungs. Whereas we breathe, air goes in by way of our nose, down the wind pipe and, then, into the lungs. From there it spreads via tubes named bronchi. Most of the time, Lung Cancer develops in the cells that line those tubes. >

    Lung Cancer is divided into two categories, which are Non-compact Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and Smaller Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC). NSCLC dominates the Lung Cancer situations, whereas SCLC tends to make about 20 per cent of all Lung Cancer circumstances.

    Causes of Lung Cancer

    Cigarette smoking is the major cause of Lung Cancer; it has usually been. The much more 1 smokes cigarettes and the earlier 1 begins, the higher are probabilities of falling for Lung Cancer. It is alot more widespread in older adults, and may possibly also spread in these who in no way smoked in their lifetime. Passive smoking (involuntary inhaling of smoke from other peoples cigarettes, cigars, or pipes) may well also cause this illness.

    In addition to cigarette smoking, there are various other variables which can bring about Lung Cancer: Asbestos Exposure to cancer-causing chemical compounds such as uranium, beryllium, vinyl chloride, nickel chromates, coal merchandise, mustard gas, chloromethyl ethers, gasoline, and diesel exhaust Loved ones history of Lung Cancer High levels of air pollution High levels of arsenic in drinking water Radiation Remedy to the lungs Radon gas


    As far as symptoms are concerned, early Lung Cancer may perhaps not cause any symptoms. Symptoms also rely on the variety of cancer you have, but can include things like: Chest discomfort Coughing up blood Cough that does not go away Fatigue Losing weight devoid of attempting Loss of appetite Shortness of breath Wheezing

    Lung Cancer Remedy India

    Here is a list of tests that may well be performed to diagnose Lung Cancer or see if it has spread consist of: Chest X-ray Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan Sputum Cytology Bronchoscopy Fine Needle Aspiration Positron Emission Tomography (PET) MRI Brain Mediastinoscopy Bone Scans

    Whilst it comes to Lung Cancer Remedy India, solutions contain surgery, chemotherapy and radiation Remedy. A certified surgeon decides on the best Remedy, based upon the case in query.

    It really is really important that one particular chooses to get himself/herself treated in reputed hospital. You can search web based for the hospitals which treat Lung Cancer and use laparoscopic surgery.

    1 ought to also opt for PHPs (Preventive Well being Packages) at normal intervals so as to make sure that any such illness can be detected in its really early stages so that sufficient actions can be taken in time.

    At Max Cancer Centre, were committed to recuperating our individuals as quickly as achievable. Log on to our web site for much more details on Lung Cancer Remedy India and laparoscopic surgery.

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    CANCER TREATMENT >> Cancer Treatment Tips | Cancer Treatment Guide!

    Just since youre seeking for an alternate melanoma therapy, doesnt imply which you will need to feel every thing individuals notify you. Optional melanoma remedy might be utilized because the sole treatment, or in blend with classic treatment. Sufferers are searching for alternate cancer malignancy remedies at just about each stage of their ailment, from initial diagnosis to late stage sickness.

    If you could have most cancers, are you informed with the advantages presented by making use of option medication to cure your melanoma? A good deal of melanoma individuals now take the time to check out alternate medicines to supplement their classic tumor remedies.

    Optional therapies can supply a further method to people whose melanoma has spread so quickly that standard treatment options no more time are offered. An instance of this can be chemotherapy, which can only be pursued beneath particular disorders. When the physicians declare that Nothing else might be done, it is necessary for being conscious that youll find other treatment options offered past traditional medication that might offer helpful choices.

    In truth, a lot of melanoma survivors only have been ready to continue to be alive right after becoming introduced from your hospital to get a comfy death if they turned to optional meds like a therapy.

    How the choice approaches do the job is always to strengthen the shape and minimize the reaction towards the side results that happen for regular remedies. With a number of these option approaches youll be able to hope them for being gentler, and a lesser amount of invasive. In some tactics they may be preferable to common treatment options.

    Optional therapies comply with a number of patterns. Numerous therapies attempt to fortify and strengthen the system so its a reduced amount of vulnerable for the most cancers also it is capable to battle it off. They insist that melanoma exists as a result of troubles inside immune process or an imbalance inside the shape. Some think no cost radical destruction inside shape takes place as a result of bad chosen lifestyle habits and awful eating habits selections. We also realize that strain can lead to this imbalance.

    Choice remedies on the total, is normally described as HOLISTIC. Holistic signifies that the aim should be to cure the entire shape, in lieu of just the influenced spot. Similarly, a lot of cure choices treatment for that person on quite a few amounts, as well as the system, the spirit, and also the thoughts.

    A reality you need to know: You need to conserve testimonials with the part that they carry out the finest, bolstering belief soon after treatment options are already picked.

    By lowering or elliminating the underlying situation, choice procedures go for the heart of what originally granted the most cancers to get started. This enables the bodys personal healing practice to kick in and increase the circumstances. Just one on the very best option treatments therapies employed for cancer malignancy treatment will be the herbal formula Essiac.

    Last but not least, if you are knowledgeable within the way that alternate tumor remedy functions, it is possible to make greater decisions around the ideal course of action to handle your personal circumstance. And naturally, preserve your health practitioner knowledgeable of what you will be attempting.

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    What Is Breast Cancer | Cancer Society of Ghana

    Breast Cancer can create silently in your breasts when you happen to be carrying out your day-to-day chores devoid of a care, and not show a symptom till it has sophisticated to a late stage. Quite often, there is no discomfort felt by the victims, and that is a risky issue considering that although the patient does get started to notice the abnormalities, it really is currently also late.

    No one particular knows specifically what causes Breast Cancer, in spite of this we do know that specific risk things aspects that raise a persons possibility of obtaining a illness are associated to Breast Cancer. Risk components alter based on the kind of cancer. There are a quantity of risk aspects, each controllable and uncontrollable, which could boost the probabilities of creating Breast Cancer. For example, the risk elements related with diet program can be controlled, nonetheless risk components including a persons age or loved ones history cannot be changed.

    Your physique is created to heal itself. For instance if you reduce your hand it will heal automatically, unless you deliberately place dirt in it, or you preserve choosing it open, or if your immune program is severely suppressed by the way you have been eating and living resulting in some rather significant disease that causes delayed healing. If you smash your thumb with a hammer, it will at some point heal, unless you maintain smashing the very same thumb with a hammer Day-to-day!

    Breast Cancer is the second a great deal of popular cancer worldwide, the major cancer in females, and the second top cause of death in ladies worldwide. It has an incidence rate alot more than twice that of Cervical Cancer and colorectal cancer, and 3 instances as higher as Lung Cancer in ladies. It follows that Breast Cancer is 1 of the a wide range of researched and publicized situations in spite of this, a great deal of groups in our society know tiny about their remedy solutions for Breast Cancer.

    Undoubtedly the target of remedy is to absolutely take away the cancer and protect against it from coming back. This may well involve significantly more than a single variety of therapy. The mainstay of Breast Cancer therapy is surgery, with feasible chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.The aesthetic outcome of Breast Cancer therapy is an crucial aspect in Breast Cancer. The visualization function for your Breast Cancer remedy must be tailored to you requirements and the way you perceive the outcome.

    It really is a challenging job to have sex right after the typical side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, including vaginal dryness. This is due to premature menopause which causes discomfort in the course of sex. Quite often it requires a longer time to get aroused and the touch of your companion is not as pleasurable as just before.The measures of remedy of Breast Cancer including radiotherapy and chemotherapy tends to make the breast way more sensitive to touch and if a females has gotten a mastectomy its incredible shock for the patient also as for her companion.

    Several girls have essentially died from the actual treatment options and various ladies have a recurrence inside three-ten years of therapy. And lets not overlook about the intense side effects that these treatment options cause. There is never ever any assure that radiation, chemotherapy, drugs and surgery treatment options will function. Its in fact a hit or miss, you have just as substantially opportunity of surviving as you do of not surviving. For the reason that of this, a wide range of ladies are opting for an option Breast Cancer remedy.

    Early therapy is the essential to ongoing overall health and survival rising a patients possibility of recovery and 5 year survival rate by practically 95%. With such dramatic statistics at hand, it is no wonder that physicians aggressively market any and all actions of early detection such as self-examination, routine gynecological exams, mammograms, and breast ultrasound.

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    Causes of colon cancer : About Cancer

    September 22nd, 2007Guage

    Colon is one of the important parts of our digestive system. Growth of malignant tissue in colon is termed as colon cancer. Colon cancer can really harm our digestive system and colon cancer is one of the more dreaded cancers.

    Causes of colon cancer

    Colon related diseases and incorrect eating habits are said to increase the risk of colon cancer. High fiber diet (i.e. vegetables and fruits) can help in reducing the risk of colon cancer. Colon cancer is also linked to genes and there are theories that suggest that people with family history of colon cancer are at greater risk of developing colon cancer. However, colon cancer is generally found in older people i.e. people who are above the age of 50. Frankly speaking, the exact and specific causes of colon cancer are still not known and there is a lot of research underway to find the same.

    Symptoms and diagnosis of colon cancer

    Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, blood spots in stool or any unusual bowel related activity/uneasiness can be a symptom of colon cancer. However, these are not conclusive symptoms of colon cancer since these could be just normal digestion related problems. In any case, you should get the advice of a qualified doctor and tell him all the symptoms properly in order to facilitate fast and correct diagnosis. The doctor may prescribe certain tests/ examinations for proper diagnosis of colon cancer. Most colon cancer tests require empty bowel, so you need to do a bit of preparation before going for the tests. Special kind of x-ray tests and colonoscopy (that uses a fiber-optic camera or colon scope) is used to diagnose colon cancer. These tests can be a bit painful since they require insertion of instruments/ substances through your anus to your colon. Biopsy is also used as a technique for detecting colon cancer.

    Treatment of colon cancer

    Effectiveness of the treatment of colon cancer is governed by how early it is detected/ diagnosed. There are various ways of treating colon cancer and researchers are always looking for newer and better ways of treating colon cancer. However, as of now, surgical procedures are one of the prime treatments for colon cancer. The objective is to remove all the cancerous tissues and hence prevent the cancer from spreading. Other treatments of cancer include application of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

    Warren and Karen have been involved in the internet for a number of years and run several websites. They are most interested in providing opportunities for people to connect with information relating to business, health and creativity. Check out their Colon Cancer blog for more information.

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    OVARIAN CANCER >> Ovarian Cancer Tips | Ovarian Cancer Guide!

    Both the patient and the doctor often dont recognize an ovarian cancer warning marker until the cancer is in the superior phase.

    Often once the cancer is identified; it will have already spread during the body with occurs in 70-75% of patients diagnosed and ovarian cancer. Latest study had proven which is ovarian cancer indicator are not as completely undetectable thought as originally.

    Here are about typical notice signs of cancer of ovaries that women should be familiar plus.

    The focus about ovarian cancer notice signs is the truth which they can resemble the symptoms of additional average ailments which are not linked to cancer. It is unknown what proportion of starting phase actually results in symptoms that are detectable. This means it is complicated to choose if women actually had symptoms before the cancer started spreading. The good news is that 90% of women who are diagnosed with Phase 1 ovarian cancer are those who went to their doctors before diagnosis.

    Often the alert signs associated with this cancer are nonspecific plus can be mistaken for extra illnesses. If you are aware of the signs associated plus ovarian cancer, you can at least be interested of the risk of having it while symptoms start to show up.

    Acquire a look at about of the major warning signs linked to ovarian cancer:

    • Abdominal swelling/bloating

    • Back ache

    • Difficulty breathing

    • Fever

    • Fatigue

    • Gastrointestinal problems

    • Inexplicable weight gain/loss

    • Loss of appetite

    • Hurt or pressure in the abdomen/pelvis or through sex

    • Urinary problems

    • Vaginal discharge or bleeding

    Of each the symptoms linked to ovarian cancer, abdominal hurt not linked to diarrhea or nausea with lasts over two weeks is the mainly common indicator. This symptom is present in 22% of cases though 18% of cases have urinary problems that continue to obtain worse.

    Fewer than a fourth of women plus their ilness have symptoms of gynecological . This is why generally doctors dont first memorize cancer diagnosis if patients complain about symptoms. In multiple cases symptoms are similar to gastrointestinal or urinary tract problem.

    Tags: advance ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer signs, ovarian cancer signs symptoms, ovarian cancer treatment, ovarian cancer treatments

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    Cervical Cancer Vaccine Reported To Be 100%, But Eradication Is Still A Long Way Off : About Cancer

    October 19th, 2007Guage

    Cervical Cancer Vaccine Reported To Be 100%, But Eradication Is Still A Long Way Off
    By George McKenzie

    The first large study of the experimental cervical cancer vaccine found it was 100 percent effective, at least in the short term, at blocking the most common forms of cervical cancer.

    The cervical cancer vaccine, known as Gardasil, is a genetically engineered vaccine which prevents cervical cancer by blocking infection with two viruses called HPV 16 and 18. These two virus together cause about 70 percent of cervical cancers.

    The final-stage study of the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil included more than 10,000 women ages 16 to 26 in the United States and 12 other countries. All were sexually active and were not infected with HPV 16 or 18. Half got three vaccine doses over six months; the other half received dummy shots.

    After six months, none of the women who were virus free and who received the vaccine developed either cervical cancer or precancerous lesions likely to turn cancerous during a two year follow up. Twenty one women who got the dummy shots had a virus.

    Merck & Co., the developer, jubilantly announced the results of their cervical cancer vaccine research on October 6th, 2005, saying that a 100% efficacy rate is extremely rare.

    A second analysis was also done, this time involving hundreds more women. It showed that the vaccine was 97 percent effective after just one dose. Only one of the 5,736 women who got the vaccine developed cervical cancer or precancerous lesions, compared with 36 among the 5,766 who got dummy shots.

    A Merck official called the 97 percent rate real world, since patients sometimes miss or delay follow-up shots or tests. Therefore, even though the vaccine is available, some women may not get it before they contract the disease.

    I see this as a phenomenal breakthrough, said Dr. Gloria Bachmann, director of The Womens Health Institute at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey.

    But she added that vaccinations would have to begin early to have maximum impact. In grammar school, middle school, high school, before girls become sexually active, she said.

    Dr. Kevin Ault, a professor at Emory University, told CNN, We are talking about maybe a generation or two of women to receive this vaccine before we get to no more pap smears. I guess the best example I could give you would be German measles That vaccine became available in the late 60s in the United States, and it was just last year that our colleagues at the CDC reported that there were no cases of congenital rubella in the United States.

    Numerous health officials warned that women will still need to have reular checkups and pap smears.

    NBC News has reported that some religious groups fear that the availability of a cervical cancer vaccine will lessen the worry of contracting the disease and lead to increased sexual activity.

    Cervical cancer is the second-most common cancer in women and their No. 2 cause of cancer deaths. About three thousand women die of cervical cancer in the U.S. each year, and about three hundred thousand women around the world are cervical cancer victims.

    For additional information, including symptoms of cervical cancer and options for cervical cancer prevention and cervical cancer treatment, click on

    For more information on the topics covered in this article, click on Cervical Cancer Vaccine

    George McKenzie is a retired TV anchor, medical reporter and radio talk show host.

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